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inferno. but as nbc bay area's bob redell found out, it wasn't much. >> a few mementos but everything else is pretty much gone. >> reporter: everything that is material in bob pellegrini's life can now fit into the back of his pickup truck, sadly with some room to spare. but he still has what matters most, his wife and son, and this morning for the first time since thursday's explosion, the pellegrinis were allowed to suit up in protective gear and sift through what was left of their home on the corner of glenview and clairemont. >> i was surprised that my brother's cds were still some of them intact. we were able to find some photos of my mom and my aunt who had passed away, which was nice. >> reporter: he decided to keep those items away from us. why give up that privacy when that's one of the only things you have, when everything else has been taken away. >> this starts the healing process actually seeing it, though, now. my car is destroyed.
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>> reporter: how does it help in the healing process? >> well, it's there. it tells you that this is it. this is what you have. this is what happened. like i said for the people who lost lives, those are the people i -- my heart just bleeds for them. to go in there and see you lost material items, it's one thing, but to know that family members were lost, you can't place any kind of remorse in the scale that they might be feeling right now. >> reporter: the pellegrinis and other people who live within the blast zones will be allowed one more visit before a hazmat crew cleans up the area. then it will be time to rebuild. >> it's reality now, you know. >> reporter: in san bruno, bob redell, nbc bay area news. nearly a week after the explosion and fire that leveled much of the neighborhood, the governor arrived to see the damage firsthand. arnold schwarzenegger returned
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from a week-long trip to asia and made san bruno his first stop after he got off the plane. some critics have questioned why he didn't rearrange his schedule to get there sooner. nbc bay area's tracy grant is live in san bruno. the governor was likely ready for that question, tracy. >> reporter: oh, he was what ready but i'm not sure if a lot of people were satisfied with his answer. now, some of the residents expected to see the governor trudging through this area behind us, getting a close look at the devastation for the very first time. but that's not exactly what happened. schwarzenegger actually drove past the blast site and the red-tagged homes that surround it. he appeared on the street where he met with representatives from many different agencies and they briefed him on the status of their investigations and their efforts to help those impacted by the explosion. color-coded maps show which homes were damaged and which were a complete loss. san bruno residents are still recovering from the sight of the
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flames that tore through their neighborhood on thursday night, leaving many displaced, injured and grieving. while all of this took place, the governor was -- he was on what he described as a trade mission through asia. he says he was trying to drum up business for the state. >> why did you stay in asia when there was something of this magnitude happening in your state? >> because we have a terrific lieutenant governor who i trusted fully. it's just one of those unfortunate things that we were four hours in the air flying to china when this happened. >> reporter: now, schwarzenegger, of course, took this opportunity to quote one of his most famous movies. he says he'll be back, and he says he'll bring answers with him. live in san bruno, traci grant,
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nbc bay area news. >> the people of san bruno will hold him to that promise, thank you. at least three people remain missing after the explosion. we have a picture of 50-year-old gregory bullis and his 17-year-old son. his 80-year-old mother, lavonne, has also not been seen since the explosion. well, the federal investigation now centers on that shutoff valve for the ruptured pipeline and why it took so long to close them. pg&e said it took workers almost two hours to close the valves because of the intense heat. now some state leaders are questioning whether those valves should have been controlled remotely. had the valves been closed in just a matter of minutes, the explosion would have caused far less destruction and maybe saved some lives. state and federal lawmakers from the bay area are planning to introduce bills requiring automatic shutoff valves. the white house proposed legislation to provide tighter oversight of america's pipelines and to increase fines for safety violations. in the news released, u.s. transportation secretary ray lahood cited the san bruno
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explosion while unveiling the strengthening pipeline safety and enforcement act of 2010. the legislation increases the maximum fine for violations involving death, injury or major environmental damage from $1 million to $2.5 million. it also authorizes and funds the hiring of 40 more pipeline inspection and enforcement workers and it sets up a process to examine whether tighter safety rules apply to urban areas or near water should apply to all pipelines. the question being asked over and over is could the blast have been prevented. one watchdog group says maybe, if only pg&e had kept its promise to replace part of that san bruno pipeline in 2009. customers had already been charged $5 million. garvin thomas joins us from the newsroom. these are very serious allegations. what's pg&e say. >> reporter: nothing so far, jess. it appears pg&e has known about these allegations since friday.
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we contacted them early this morning for a sponresponse and e still waiting. this all becomes with the utility reform network. they say less than a day after the explosions, they discovered documents proving pg&e is putting off important repairs and putting people's safety at risk. the first of those documents is a 2007 request by pg&e to the public utilities commission asking permission to charge customers $5 million in order to replace a mile-plus section of the 60-year-old pipeline. the request was granted. the work not done. >> we now see in a very dramatic way the safety consequences of this practice. >> reporter: instead, according to an attorney, in 2009 pg&e came back with another $5 million request to do the exact same work, but now not until 2013. in its application, pg&e states this section of pipeline has a,
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quote, relatively high risk and likelihood of failure. they are not sure if the section of pipeline to be replaced included the explosion point, but he thinks having done the work as originally scheduled may have averted disaster. >> that still kind of begs the question, well, if they had done the work would they have found there was a problem sufficient to look two or three miles down the road. >> reporter: what's worse, he says, this is just one of important work pg&e is not getting done. >> people should not panic. what they should do is insist that pg&e and their regulators make sure that the appropriate maintenance work be done. >> reporter: as we said we've been on the phone with pg&e all day. they have been digging with their own documents trying to come up with answers but they weren't able to provide those answers by news time tonight. tom. >> all right.
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and we have this, a whistleblower is talking about his court case against pg&e over alleged safety violations. mike wiseman claims that the utility often ignores safety rules and violations. he says one of the jokes in his department is that pg&e management puts the safety cap on only during safety meetings. in one instance, pg&e sent workers into a ditch, the one you see wiseman standing in, to repair a gas line. according to wiseman, none of those workers had proper training. he said supervisors detained him overnight in a hotel when he brought up his concerns. >> pg&e has bonuses that are tied to safety. and when you have an incident or if you have somebody get hurt, then people start losing their bonuses. >> wiseman's lawsuit was filed weeks before the san bruno ioexplosn and he says he never worked on the line that blew up. we have a special section on our website dedicated to our coverage of the san bruno explosion. it's on
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well, coming up, money meg. the political milestone the billionaire candidate for governor pushed past in her campaign. and fighting crime with cell phones. how can oakland afford new technology when it's been playing off police officers by the dozens? anpl good evening,> i'm ch meteorologist jeff ranieri. mild right now. temperatures already in the upper 60s and low 70s in the peninsula and the south bay. and for tomorrow, remains cool in the south bay with upper 60s at 11:00 a.m. and we are als tr acking big cackiesngig changes for your weekend. we'll have details on showers coming up.
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our state is in a real mess. and i'm not going to give you any phony plans or snappy slogans that don't go anywhere. we have to live within our means. we have got to take the power from the state capitol and move it down to the local level, closer to the people. and no new taxes, without voter approval. we have got to pull together not as republicans or as democrats but as californians first. at this stage in my life, i'm prepared to do exactly that.
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these days cameras are everywhere and no one seems shy about capturing video, especially when it comes to interactions with cops. but now the oakland pd is turning the lens on the public with its own clip-on cameras. kimberly terry is live in oakland to tell us more about
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it. >> reporter: oakland police are hoping these cameras add an extra layer of accountability between police and public. some of the officers already using them tell us they have already started watching a little more closely what they say and how they say it. >> what i want you to do is go ahead and take my pen here. >> reporter: police officer lawrence lowe is one of 15 officers using clip-on cameras. >> you don't know that it's on. it's very small. >> reporter: in two months they hope to have one for every officer at a cost of $540,000. with recent layoffs, some are wondering if this money could have been used to save jobs. >> this has nothing to do with ploef police officers that are being laid off. this is to provide a better service for the public and also protect our officers out there providing that service. >> reporter: for years the money has been earmarked specifically for this project and can't be diverted. police were just waiting for the right technology. >> in today's world, people demand more than just a word.
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they wants to video, they want to see photos. >> reporter: officer lowe recorded this traffic stop today. while the man was pulled over upon expired registration. >> you just spilled your beer there. why don't you hand me the beer too. >> reporter: he ended up taking a field sobriety test, which he passed, but was still cited for expired tags. the cameras are useful for accountability, making sure the officer behaved professionally. >> in general it would be a good idea because they would have a back safe, you know, they did the right thing. >> reporter: oakland police agree it's proof of performance. the department gets a lot of complaints and this is a way to document the truth of any encounter with officers. >> a lot of them are what the victim says and what the officer says. he said/she said or he said/he said. and with this video camera evidence we're able to go back and find out exactly what happened, what the truth is. >> reporter: each camera has an internal hard drive.
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the video cannot be altered or tampered with. at the end of the day it must be downloaded to a secure server. other cameras are being tested and used by other police departments all across the bay area, including san jose and union city. live in oakland, kimberly terry, nbc bay area news. >> all right. jerry brown wore his attorney general's hat today as he sued eight people who work or who did work for the southern california city of bell. the suit demands repayment of excessive salaries that were paid out, including $800,000 to the city administrator. >> what is clear is that the city council, the city administrator and other officials abused their public trust. they engaged in collaboration, which constitutes a civil conspiracy that defrauded the public and enriched themselves. >> brown recommended a state salary commission to set standards, prevent abuses and make salary information
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transparent. republican gubernatorial candidate meg whitman set a new record. she has run the most expensive self-financed campaign in u.s. history. whitman made a campaign stop today at yelp headquarters in san francisco and spoke to about 250 workers there. yesterday whitman gave her campaign another $15 million of her own money and that brings the grand total to $119 million, moving her past michael bloomberg who had held the record at $109 billion. the billionaire candidate explained the infusion of cash. >> my job is to spend money to get this message out, to make sure every californian has all the information they need to make an informed decision about whether they want to vote for me or jerry brown, so i feel great about where we are. >> whitman also defended her decision to continue running ads featuring former president clinton sparring with jerry brown, although there are questions about the truthfulness of the ad. whitman insists the main allegations in the ad are true. >> while the state could certainly use a cash infusion of
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its own to pay some bills, the courts ruled that the state is not authorized to pay vendors, health clinics, community colleges or student grants among other things without an approved budget. a statewide nonprofit that provides care for seniors says today that they haven't been paid since july and they are struggling to stay afloat. by the way, tomorrow lawmakers will tie the record for the longest budget stand-off in state history and a budget doesn't look like it's in the offing any time soon. well, jeff ranieri is standing by and will use a word we haven't heard in quite a few months. and that word is? >> showers, tom. yes, our computers are getting an early workout as the last weekend in summer is upon us. let's get a look at the temperatures and we'll preview what we're going to be watching as we head throughout friday, saturday and sunday. today still below average. 73 in san jose, 79 in gilroy, 79 in livermore, so a little heat back here towards the east bay, but still about 5 to 8 degrees off the mark in the north bay with only 75 in san rafael, 75 in santa rosa and just 61 in san
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francisco and low 70s for the peninsula. meanwhile outside right now, we have the fog still in san francisco. it pushed back near the coastline so we did get in on two or three hours of sunshine, but that fog will be rolling back in tonight with those winds westerly at 18 miles per hour. it's all about the jetstream this time of the year. you know while we're going into fall in just about a week or so here, it is a transitional time, but what we're seeing with the jetstream is it's dropping as far as we typically would see in late october and early november, so hence we're also getting some systems that are getting extremely close to california. we had a system pass by earlier today. it's now bringing rainfall early, early season rain to washington and oregon, but we are on the dry end of this system. however, we are watching a system out here for friday and saturday that's going to be very slow-moving and actually bring us a chance of showers here to the bay area. we're not expecting a lot when it comes to rainfall, but it
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certainly will be out of the ordinary for us. so here's what to expect. on friday, we're looking at our best chance of showers in the north bay right now and that's a chance of scattered showers. totals once again not expected to be high. as we head into saturday, a chance of widespread scattered showers for the entire bay area. totals also low on saturday. and then for early sunday with this system slowly moving out, scattered showers will also linger for the morning hours on sunday. so it will be cloudy and once again periods of showers and also periods of sunshine. a real mixed bag as we head throughout this weekend. also tonight and tomorrow, 6:00 a.m. starting with upper 50s. by 11:00 a.m. the sun breaks out and only expecting upper 60s. elsewhere tomorrow starting off with low to mid-50s here in the east bay and also for the north bay. as we transition to the 10:00 hour, not much warming here across the bay area as you'll have another day below average. if you're doing any traveling, we are finding some delays in
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the midwest. minneapolis, chicago, also st. louis with two different complex of storms. so that will slow you down if you're doing any traveling to the east. otherwise we're going to detail this wacky summer we have been under for the past several months coming up later on in the show. some pretty remarkable statistics we'll have for you. >> okay, thanks, jeff. well, there's 15 candles on the albino alligator's birthday cake. the star attraction got plenty of birthday cards to mark its 15th birthday. he thanked his fans by strolling around his tank for most of the morning. you know, as he always does. the museum actually threw a party for claude complete with fish cupcakes. cursto say with good health, claude has a lot more birthdays ahead of him. >> an alligator in captivity means pretty much the same thing as human years. he'll live to be 50 or more years old here. so 15 is almost 15. >> he's just a teenager. claude went on medical leave, you may remember a while back, after another alligator, a girl alligator, bonnie, they got into
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a little domestic swap and bit his toe. still ahead tonight, the bay area store that sold a lottery ticket worth nearly $1 million. and 250,000 square feet of new shops. the proposal to transform a stretc s of the bayrebe. ath tce it's happening.
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let's go! we got a 1-2-0 in progress. what's a 1-2-0? another airline is charging up to $120 roundtrip for two bags. [ imitating siren ] pull over! looks like we got a runner. pull over! we know you've been charging for bags! we can't stop every plane. we're gonna stop this one. you can fly, but you can't hide. ♪ [ ding ]
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plans for a five-story shopping mall on san francisco's market street are rolling ahead. last night the board of supervisors shot down a challenge to the environmental impact report for the city place project. that means the project will likely go forward now. the plan includes 250,000 square feet of retail space between 5th and 6th streets. it's expected to help transform what's become a stagnant area of market. >> it will bring a lot of
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customers, a lot of tourists and will better the area. >> environmentalists are opposed tohe developer's plans to include a parking garage. however, supervisors signed off on that plan after the developer agreed to pay the city a 20 cents per car fee. recovery in slow motion. a new report shows the state is slowly coming out of the recession. it suggests unemployment, which is at 12.6% will slowly fall in the coming months. job growth will be seen in health care, business services and technology-related manufacturing services. the most encouraging news, trade and commerce is on the upswing and inbound traffic at all state ports has increased during this year. well, is it a job killer or a job creator. that's the debate over california's landmark global warming law today at the sacramento press club. prop 23 will suspend that law
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until unemployment in california reaches 5.5% for four consecutive quarters. that's only happened three times since 1980. those behind prop 23 say the global warming measure will cost the state jobs at the worst possible time. opponents say now is no time to stop investing in clean energy. >> we have pulled ourselves out of slumps before by following new industries, creating new businesses, being innovative and being technologically driven and that's what's going to happen this time too as long as we don't turn our back on the future. >> those against the measure bring up the fact the proposition is being funded by big oil companies. coming up tonight, computer time. why the pc or the mac isn't all that bad for your children after all. and political madness? the white house cheers on as the tea party and the gop's general election strategy is blown to pieces. sarah shourd is safe and free, but what happened today makes it clear her two fellow cal grads who are still in iranr
6:25 pm
on in iran may remain the er for some time.
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freed cal grad sarah shourd is staying out of the public eye after finally being released by iran. she says that her next mission is to free her fellow hikers. but as nbc's jim maceda reports, iran isn't indicating when that will happen. >> reporter: it's unclear how long shourd will remain in oman. she's reportedly seeing a doctor there today. we don't know if that is a routine checkup after spending some 13 months in a notorious prison in tehran or whether it has something to do with a more serious medical condition. her mother, nora, has said in the past that she does suffer from a breast lump and also some precancerous cervical cells. regarding the two other hikers, well, shourd said from the moment she arrived in oman last night that now the focus has to turn from him and on to the release of the other two
6:28 pm
americans, her fiance, shane bauer, and her fellow hiker and friend, josh fattal. >> all of my efforts starting today are going to go into helping procure the same freedom for my fiance, shane bauer, and for my friend, josh fattal, because i can't enjoy my freedom without them. >> reporter: unfortunately the courts in tehran seem to have other ideas. we understand that today it extended the detention of bauer and fattal for an additional two months. spying charges have now officially been filed against all three hikers and prosecutors say in tehran that those cases could soon move into the court, so not good news in terms. other hikers. i'm jim maceda, nbc news, reporting from london. now back to you. meanwhile iran's president says the fate of sarah shourd's fellow hikers should be left up to the courts. he spoke to nbc's andrea mitchell in an exclusive interview today. mahmoud ahmadinejad wanted people to know that sarah shourd was released because of compassion, but he refused to say if he could do any more.
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>> i think we should let the judge and the court decide about the case, and i think this is the greatest help to all of them. >> the u.s. state department spokesman suggested that he could bring the two detained americans when he attends the u.n. general assembly meeting next week. national politics now and the tea party problem for republicans. two more gop candidates were ousted from november's general election by the anti-establishment tea party. nbc bay area steve handelsman reports that democrats think the tea party victories may help them retain the balance of power in washington. >> reporter: she's the latest tea party star. christine o'donnell, campaigning today as the republican for senate in delaware. >> oh, my gosh! >> reporter: after her stunning win in the primary last night. >> no more politics as usual!
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>> reporter: with the backing of the tea party, o'donnell beat incumbent congressman mike castle, who's refusing to endorse her. as the spotlight shines on the inexperienced conservative, the white house is celebrating her win. >> the republicans in delaware nominated somebody that they don't believe can win. i think in the words of the state party chair, couldn't be elected dog catcher. >> reporter: o'donnell is part of this year's pattern. tea partier rand paul won the gop senate primary in kentucky. sharron angle in nevada. joe miller in alaska, beating incumbent lisa murkowski. incumbent robert bennett was ousted in utah. a new york tea party candidate won last night's republican primary for governor. >> if we've learned anything tonight, it's that new yorkers are as mad as hell. >> reporter: victories for the tea party, but democrats claim victories also for them. >> we feel very, very comfortable that we're going to win races in november that six months ago we felt like we were
6:31 pm
going to lose because of these candidates. >> reporter: but the republican establishment is racing to embrace its new winners and their fiery rhetoric. >> it's time to go fire nancy pelosi. >> reporter: and it's not clear whether christine o'donnell and tea partiers like her will help or hurt the gop in the fall. the irony is a raft of candidates rejected by republican leaders now have the job of winning back republican control of congress. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, capitol hill. sad news out of iraq. seven people are dead after a joint u.s.-iraqi raid in fallujah. the operation was led by iraqi forces to take down insurgents. remaining u.s. troops supposedly supporting iraqi soldiers and not supposed to be fighting, but in this week alone they took part in two violent missions, helping to hunt down insurgents at the request of the local government. this comes two weeks after the official end of u.s. combat operations in iraq. a staff sergeant from iowa will receive the medal of honor for heroism while he was
6:32 pm
fighting the war in afghanistan. he is the first living recipient since vietnam. sergeant salvador junta held a video conference today from his base in italy. >> it's emotional and it's great. all of this is great. but it does bring back then a lot of memories of all the people that i would love to share this moment with. and i'm just not going to have that opportunity because they're no longer with us. >> when the call came through, i was really, really proud. i was proud to know sal and proud to be with him. i'm proud to be his wife and proud of what he went through. >> seven other medals of honor have been given out for service in iraq and afghanistan but junta is the only person still living among them. in mexico a reprieve tomorrow from the violence that has marred that country as it celebrates 200 years of independence. officials say 60,000 people will gather in mexico city tomorrow for a city wide fiesta that took
6:33 pm
$40 million and two years to plan. celebrations, however, won't be taking place everywhere in mexico. some of the most violent cities, by centennial festivities were cancelled because of feared drug attacks. is there such a thing as an effective pill for weight loss. today an fda panel debated the future of meridia, a pill that's been on the market since the late '90s. robert bazell reports on what they decided. >> reporter: meridia is one of only two weight loss medications available by prescription and it's been on the market for 13 years. but a recent study of 9,000 people over six years raised serious concerns. on average, subjects lost only five pounds and experienced the 16% increase in heart attacks and strokes. the problems with meridia follow a long string of diet drugs causing health problems. >> our arsenal is extremely minimal. we have two drugs that we can
6:34 pm
use that we can describe. >> reporter: despite the failures, drug companies are still trying to develop dozens of medications for a market that could bring in billions a year but it is a tough challenge. >> when you're dealing with something as profoundly basic as the organisms desire to consume food, it's not all that likely that we're going to be able to find one drug that is able to go to exactly the appetite center and zap it and not do anything else. >> the risk greatly exceeds the benefit. >> reporter: the fda panel's advice, to pull the diet drug off the market or severely restrict it is a huge disappointment to janet gepha t gephardt. she said it helped her to lose a lot of weight. >> i understand that people have concerns about the health risks, but at the same time there are lots of drugs that people have concerns about. >> reporter: lately attention has turned to two newly improved devices which use lasers or freeze fat cells to contour the body at a cost of up to $3,000.
6:35 pm
another approach, but certainly no magic bullet for weight loss. robert bazell, nbc news, new york. turmoil on the field but harmony in the meal room. we'll go behind the scenes with the man who has quite a job. he feeds the 49ers. and just how much is too much? new research on when to call it quits for kids' computer time. and the bay area trampoline park opening for business. >> looks like fun. good evening, i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. another cool day across the bay area. only 73 in san jose. low 60s in san francisco. tomorrow on the cool side once again in the south bay and we are tracking some showers in your seven-day. i'll detail that coming up.
6:36 pm
barbara boxer. she fought to get our veterans the first full combat carecalifornia. her after school law's keeping a million kids off the street and out of gangs. and she's fighting every day to create new jobs. boxer: i'm working to make california the leader in clean energy, to jump-start our small businesses with tax credits and loans, to create thousands more california jobs. i'm barbara boxer and i approve this message because i want to see the words "made in america" again.
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but what really happened? cnn -- not me -- cnn says his assertion about his tax record was "just plain wrong." jerry brown went out there and took credit for the fact that the people of california voted for proposition 13, which lowered taxes, which he opposed. and now he's going around taking credit for it. he raised taxes as governor of california. he had a surplus when he took office and a deficit when he left. he doesn't tell the people the truth.
6:38 pm
veteran newsman edwin newman has died at the age of 91. for 32 years he worked for nbc, covering politics and foreign news, and he worked in radio for ten years before that. with his authoritative delivery he impressed his audience not so much with how he looked but with the likelihood that what he'd say wor worth hearing. he began writing books and authored two best sellers on the use and misuse of the english language. while tonight crews are closer to completely sealing the blown-out well that spewed more than 200 gallons of oil into the gulf. in fact the government's point man from that disaster said work could be finished as soon as this weekend. it will indirect with the sealed well in 24 hours and mud and cement pumped in which would
6:39 pm
permanently seal the well after four days. bp's ceo, tony hayward, defended his company today to british lawmakers. he did admit he could have done things better, but he still believes his company adhered to proper safety standards. >> we have a very strong track record. it is better than the industry average. >> this is the first time british politicians had the opportunity to question hayward since that oil disaster. he was quizzed specifically on the safety issues in the north sea near britain. hayward rejected all claims that bp's platforms in that area are unsafe for drilling. apple says the next version of the software that runs ipads and other gadgets will be available in november, and it will include a way for customers to print documents. apple's ipad, iphone and ipod touch can be used toedit documents. the new will include air print
6:40 pm
which will send text, photos and graphics for printing over wi-fi. the bay area has a new millionaire. someone is holding a lottery ticket worth more than $908,000. it ticket matched five of six numbers. it missed only the mega number of one. the ticket was purchased at hometown doughnuts number 7 on cutting boulevard. congratulations. the lucky winner has 180 days to claim the cash. and since no one matched all six numbers, friday's jackpot will be worth, oh, let's say, $54 million. >> that's the one we have to have our eyes on. >> i was at hometown doughnuts number 6. >> you just missed. >> your timing is always slightly off. so there's three important people with the 49ers, the owner who signs the checks, mike singletary, the coach, and this guy. the chef. the guy that feeds the 49ers. >> they get free food?
6:41 pm
>> they get free food. we'll take you behind the scenes. also the new head coach in the bay area, it's a familiar face, back to his old usual self. and the blunder from last night. the giants, though, we have an update in the playoff race. we have fog back at the coastline moving into san francisco. we're also talking about showers for the upcoming weekend. my seven-day forec in j j@
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do you think all those hours your kid spends on the computer are bad? well, maybe not so much. the study, a new study looked at preteens over six years and found in many cases more hours at the computer led to an increase in test scores. african-american boys saw the biggest jump with more access to home computers than ever before and girls' scores also increased. >> they're learning how to use it, they're learning how to get information, answer questions and develop strategies. >> now, according to the research, the only subgroup that did not see marked improvement was a group of white boys with instead a decrease in test scores and an increase in violent tendencies. >> i'm not sure what to take from that. >> i'm not sure either. i would think they were the larger group to begin with so i don't know. we'll have to do more research into that. one thing i think we can all agree with is that jeff has a forecast that's kind of surprising for this kind of the year. >> some showers. so it depends on what you like.
6:44 pm
you can see we're going to start off with wacky summer highlights over the past couple of months. it's been anything but typical here across the bay area. as we look at these, what's remarkable here is we've had five months in a row with below normal temperatures across the bay area. so far when you look at things across the wide scale, the coolest bay area summer on record in san rafael for the month of august, it was also the coolest month for you right up there into the north bay. so pretty remarkable there. also numbers down on the cooler side 5 to 8 degrees below average. 73 in redwood city. we did get some heat in parts of the east bay with 79 at livermore but cooler in the mid-70s. it was enjoyable but we should be a lot hotter this time of year. as we look at the radar, we'll see another thing coming our way. while it's dry right now, we are talking about showers building back into the forecast here in the next three-day period.
6:45 pm
right now in oakland, those are not storm clouds, it's just typical fog sitting back behind the skyline and 65 degrees. and with winds westerly at 15 miles per hour, this fog will have an easy time rolling back in not only across the entire coastline but also some low clouds inland as well. in fact already dropping to 63 in hayward, 68 in san jose, 65 in sunnyvale and temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s across the peninsula right into san francisco. fog with us tonight, low clouds for tomorrow. that will mean widespread mid-50s. for thursday, the system we're watching is going to change things up across the bay area. it's still going to be offshore on thursday, but as we head into friday, saturday and sunday, that's when that system will move in and bring us some showers. now, we had a near miss today. a storm system in the northwest is producing some rainfall, but we're in the dry side of this and we expect to stay dry here through tonight. the system that's going to bring us the showers in our forecast is still about 900 miles out here offshore, but as it
6:46 pm
continues to get closer, once again we're fine tuning our rain forecast. so let's get a look here on the futurecast. 9:00 p.m. thursday the rain is still offshore. as we advance this into friday morning, it's going to start to enter northern california. we still think it will be dry in the north bay but by the early afternoon showers we'll see a chance of showers in the north bay. should stay dry for the east bay at this point. then for saturday by the morning hours chance of showers for the north bay, also san francisco and even some scattered showers possible in the east bay. and for sunday morning the chance of showers will linger for the entire bay area at this point as this system will be rather slow-moving. totals are not expected to be high but certainly some early season rainfall for the bay area. as for tomorrow, 55 at 6:00 a.m. in the east bay and by 11:00 a.m. the low clouds will clear and we'll get in on sunshine with temperatures in the upper 60s. tomorrow plenty of low to mid-50s from the east bay to the peninsula and the north bay looking at low to mid-50s.
6:47 pm
tomorrow stays right about near where it was today in the south bay, upper 70s to near 80 for evergreen, also san jose, fremont 76, dublin 76, livermore 79, the pennsylvania upper 60s and low to mid-70s into san mateo. once again we'll stay dry for thursday and with that system moving in we'll see a chance of scattered showers in the north bay in friday's forecast. morning time on the weather channel on cable and you'll see on our seven-day forecast a chance of scattered showers on saturday. also some breaks of sunshine also lingering into sunday morning as well. then by monday, tuesday and wednesday we're getting ready for fall as the calendar flips over to fall on wednesday. temperatures stay right where they should be. maybe we'll get into line as we head into fall, we'll have to see. >> it's only taken nine months. >> thank you, jeff. all right, raj, another big one tonight. >> it's win, lose or torture. that's one of our options for the giants.
6:48 pm
>> two of them all the time with the giants. >> torturous win or torturous lose. it's been a fun ride. in fact the tv ratings reflect the enthusiasm in the bay area between us here at nbc and our friends over at comcast. giants ratings this season are matching and often exceeding the ratings during barry bonds' record-breaking season of 2007. pretty impressive. every few hours the story changes. tonight what's the phrase, what happens in colorado, it doesn't stay in colorado because it affects san francisco. troy tulowitzki, two home runs and 7 rbis leading the rockies past the padres this afternoon. this is good news for the giants. here's why, because they now trail san diego by only one game in the national league west playoff race. they also trail by one in the wild card. now, did you see what happened last night. the error by juan uribe right up the middle allowed the only run to score.
6:49 pm
dodgers beat the giants 1-0. they play again in about 20 minutes at china basin. only about two weeks remaining in the regular season. for the first time in the history of the award, there will be a blank space, no winner, after reggie bush forfeited his heisman trophy yesterday, the heisman officials said today there will be no other recipient of the 2005 award. all right, how about this story now, the sabre cats are back in business. we knew that. today they brought back their old head coach. it's like yin and yang. who else, like sonny and cher. eminemrihanna. they belong together. one of the most successful coaches in bay area history. not the nfl, the sabre cats, but they have carved out a very successful niche before the league suspended operations a couple of years back. a perennial powerhouse owned by john fry of fry's electronics. they have deep pockets.
6:50 pm
the sabre cats are returning to action with arbet next spring. >> we're excited to have the team back. i feel we put together a good front office staff starting with the ownership and then people in the front office, so we're excited to get it going again. we want th fans to have a great experience like they did before. >> yeah, the fans love it. they'll get about 15,000 fans a game. back in business indeed. darren arbet a three-time arena bowl champion. this will be his 11th season as the sabre cats head coach. they said we're going to up the ante and make you part owner. still not determined if the sabre cats will play and return to the shark tank. two story lines for the raiders this week, getting ready for their home opener on sunday against the rams, but one nagging question, will the game be blacked out on local tv? most likely. attendance just won't happen at the coliseum. topic number two, can they bounce back from their poor performance in tennessee last sunday? sure, they can.
6:51 pm
raiders headquarters today, the game plan is pretty simple. protect the quarterback. jason campbell was under attack against the titans. sacked, harassed, thrown to the ground, the whole nine yards. he said it was like the titans knew the snap count. >> i felt like we were so concerned about making mistakes that we wasn't playing loose and guys just wasn't cutting it loose so i feel like we've got to get back to playing football, get back to having fun and cut it loose. >> raiders and rams, 1:00 p.m. kickoff at the coliseum. at 8:30 on sunday night in studio with us. finally tonight the 49ers. we might have turmoil on the field but behind the scenes and in that meal room it's smooth sailing. not quite thomas keller or gary denker but close. here's the man that feeds the 49ers. >> reporter: you can't do this without doing this. but feeding over 50 professional football players and an entire
6:52 pm
coaching staff? that takes a whole separate kind of game plan. >> every day is a different day. the menu changes every day. we have different proteins, different soups, just different things every day. >> reporter: keeping things different and healthy enough for professional athletes is the constant challenge for chef chad mcwilliams and his staff of ten. >> for dinner tomorrow night we've got the t-bones. >> reporter: all dedicated to preparing two to three meals a day every day during the season. >> there's three or four different options each day so they can take their choice. whichever one has a special diet can choose. >> i haven't had a bad meal here. the variety and everything is just phenomenal. >> reporter: mcwilliams has experience in the kitchen at large companies like ebay and yahoo! but the 49ers require a unique touch. think lots of mean protein. >> we have step one, step two that uses a lot during strength and conditioning, kind of give the guys an idea of what they need to eat to keep going. >> reporter: but all of this has
6:53 pm
only been available for a few months. the team had been catering in food until december, when mcwilliams was hired and the new cafe opened. >> bringing this cafeteria was the greatest thing they have ever done. i love good food and chef chad is unreal. >> reporter: chad and his staff go through quite a bit of food in any given day, especially during training camp when it isn't unheard of to use 100 pounds of chicken in one day. but that's not even the most sought-after item on the menu. the players can't get enough of those cookies. >> i'm just going to go straight to the cookies. anything from the oatmeal cranberry thing all the way to the snickerdoodles. the m & m cookies are phenomenal. >> i don't want the coach to get mad but i will say they are amazing. >> reporter: amazing food can only help on the field. >> three meals a day and it's free? >> it's free! are you kidding me? look, in our cafeteria here, we have a nice burrito setup for $6.
6:54 pm
>> well, that's close to free. >> yeah, it's nice. >> compared to other things around here, close to free. >> that guy is good. chef chad, we need him here. >> wow, chef chad, all right. well, the airplane hangar back at work helping oppe.le where you can jump into the fun of this trampoline park.
6:55 pm
our state is in a real mess. and i'm not going to give you any phony plans or snappy slogans that don't go anywhere. we have to make some tough decisions. we have to live wi min. ournsea we have got to take the power from the state capitol and move it down to the local level, closer to the people. and no new taxes, without voter approval. we have got to pull together not as republicans or as democrats but as californians first. at this stage in my life, i'm prepared to do exactly that.
6:56 pm
6:57 pm
tonight at 11:00, a revolutionary treatment which promises to change lives right here in the bay area. >> when the words "you have cancer" are spoken to you, time stops. >> well, it's a diagnosis no one wants to get, but a new high-tech treatment is helping improve the quality of life for patients while helping doctors zero in on tumors. there are only six of these machines in the world and one of them is right here in the bay area. where it is and when it's going to be used. that's coming up tonight at 11:00. and finally tonight, an old airplane hangar in san francisco's presidio is once again helping to launch people into the air. the building is now home to the house of air trampoline park which opened today. isn't that cool? the 18,000 square feet features dozens of trampolines laced together to create a giant bouncy playland. look at that. can't wait to go. >> jump, jump. jump around. >> good night, everybody. >> bye-bye. it's happening.
6:58 pm
let's go! we got a 1-2-0 in progress. what's a 1-2-0? another airline is charging up to $120 roundtrip for two bags. [ imitating siren ] pull over! looks like we got a runner. pull over! we know you've been charging for bags! we can't stop every plane. we're gonna stop this one. you can fly, but you can't hide. ♪ [ ding ]
6:59 pm
barbara boxer. she fought to get our veterans the first full combat carecalifornia. her after school law's keeping a million kids off the street and out of gangs. and she's fighting every day to create new jobs. boxer: i'm working to make california the leader in clean energy, to jump-start our small businesses with tax credits and loans, to create thousands more california jobs. i'm barbara boxer and i approve this message because i want to see the words "made in america" again.
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